Who Are We?

Our core team has been together for decades. You can rely on our skills and ability to navigate the most complex construction challenges as well as the simple projects. Featured are our team leads and people you will interface with on your project. We have other team members you will be introduced to as the work starts. It’s very personal to have people in your home during construction or reconstruction and we always handle this with the utmost care and consideration. We pride ourselves on making our clients feel comfortable and informed during every step of the process.

A letter from our President, Bob Callis:

I started in the building trades forty-four years ago. I was drawn to building because I enjoyed the physical aspect of the work, the exertion it required, and the problem-solving and ingenuity that is necessary for every skill level.

What was an equal and eventually greater “draw” was the fact that every day I was able to produce something tangible, real… something that would be around much longer than I would. As I matured and honed my individual skills as a carpenter and builder, I began to have a greater awareness of the cost to the end user of our services.

I realize that to the vast majority of homeowners we work for, the projects we perform represent the second largest purchase that they will make in their lives after the mortgage on their homes. This is a fact that we do not and will not take for granted. It is our responsibility to provide the owners with a quality long lasting product that will suit their needs for many years to come.

The reality is that the cost of everything in our lives is, and will continue to be, on the rise. We, as a company, are pledged with bringing our customers the best value we can for their hard-earned dollar. This is not to say that we are the least expensive providers for your construction needs. It means that we seek to be the most cost-effective and to provide a quality product and quality environment for both our clients and our workmen.

I would like to address a question which frequently arises at the time we present a proposal for any project we undertake… “What does the “overhead” in the profit and overhead column of the proposal represent?” This cost is the portion of the estimate that pays for our liability insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance and 401k programs that we carry for employees, support staff to perform all of the tasks necessary to track the estimating and costs involved with the supervision of the financial aspects of the projects, fuel for the vehicles, upkeep of tools and marketing… in short, what it takes to run a business that exceeds all required governmental rules and regulations

The remaining thing on my mind is that we, as a company, and as individuals will never forget that we are invited guests of the owners who put their trust in us and in our ability to perform our tasks to the highest standards. We are always aware that our projects are not job sites; they are our customers’ homes.

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